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Meditations on the Eucharist 2
Father Tadeusz Dajczer

ISBN 13:978-0-9560798-1-7


Amazing Nearness-Meditations on the Eucharist 2

God just can't stop loving me however bad I may be. He waits for me to go to Him all the time.  He's always there. In his untiring, constant explorations, Father Tadeusz puts the microscope closer still to the reality of God without whom there's no reality.  St. Augustine lost everything he'd ever worked for at the end of his life but he lost nothing. In fact, he gained. In this second book of his meditaions on the Eucharist, the author brilliantly demonstrates how it can be the same for each of us. All our losses can be gains. He introduces us to pathways of untold spiritual joy. In the year of the Priest, this is the book which needs to be on every Priest's bookshelf, to be constantly read and meditated upon- not just by us Priests. It's a message for us all.

It contains a foreword by Archbishop Józef Michalik, President of The Polish Conference of Bishops in which he says he suspects the author is 'unable not to talk about God's Love'; he shows us how amazingly near God is in the Eucharist; he strengthens us by saying that in seeking God, we are finding Him; we find Him not through knowledge but through the Eucharist; the book is an exceptional commentary on the Pope's Encyclical “Deus caritas est;” the book is warmly optimistic praying theology.'

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After the blackness of my strokes,I was wonderfully helped.' Mini, Delabole, Cornwall, UK

 I read it often. It grips me; it's easy to read. It speaks of life as I find it. It's as good as Mystery of Faith.'  Pete, heavy goods' driver. SW, UK

Father Tadeusz's words really spoke to me'  Michael, Glos. UK

'I've purchased both books and read them regularly. They're super. Teresa,Cornwall,UK

'Amazing book which has touched me deeply. It speaks to me from each page, each paragraph.The translation, as in the first book, is beautifully done.' Cecilia, Stockholm, Sweden

'Very inspirational book' Reader,Kent UK

'Books are selling well and indeed wonderful'  Priest,Devon,UK.

"Please send 7  copies of Amazing  Nearness..excellent food for the hearts of my Sisters" Sister Imelda, Cyprus

'Even deeper than the first book. I long to read more'  Mary, Cornwall, UK

'I'd like five copies of Amazing Nearness for friends who keep reading Mystery of Faith, finding it a treasure to feed faith, like another Bible'  Eddie, Eire

'Absolutely marvellous book. It makes Jesus live.'Jane,Cornwall,UK

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Amazing Nearness-Meditations on the Eucharist 2