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Meditations on the Eucharist 3

Third book in the series "Meditations on the Eucharist" with the Foreword by Archbishop Józef Michalik The President of The Polish Conference of Bishops

The third book in the series "Meditations on the Eucharist" by Father Tadeusz Dajczer is now available from Eucharistic Renewal Books.

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  • Eucharist, core of interior life
  • My ‘yes’ is my worship
  • Eucharist, pathway to a new self
  • Concern for souls
  • True love for the departed
  • Drama the world needs to discover
  • Every day prepares
  • For God’s glory?
  • Eucharistic love gives birth to saints
  • Life as liturgy
  • Tough challenge to find freedom
  • Emptiness God longs to fill
  • Father, I adore You
  • A woman of the Eucharist

Foreword by Archbishop Joseph Michalik
Metropolitan of Praemislia
and Chairman of the Polish Conference of Bishops

‘Increase our faith’ is the third in the series of Father Professor Tadeusz Dajczer’s books on the Eucharist. My conviction grows that the author could write more of these books; he could be writing them all the time since he is totally wrapped up in the Eucharist; he is fascinated and in love with It, quite unable not to talk about this great Love. It has been like this since the day Father Tadeusz discovered that God fell in love with us to the point of total Eucharistic surrender in the living Mystery of the Resurrected Christ.

The plea contained in ‘Increase our Faith’ seems to be the really adequate response to that Mystery. Following Our Lord, the author teaches and seeks faith as life’s most precious treasure. Maturity involves seeing God’s action everywhere and experiencing His presence as more real than the world we normally know. Like the Apostles, we need to learn and ripen into more faith.

Father Tadeusz tells us that the best book on the Eucharist is the Eucharist Itself; It is the test of our faith just as it was for the people of Capharnaum. I do not believe enough; I do not pray enough. I do not ask for this great gift as I need to; faith ‘touches’ God insofar as I am humble in the spirit of Mary in the Cenacle. We need to remember that in the Cenacle it was Mary who taught the Apostles to persevere in faith by prayer.

‘Magnificat’ sums up Our Lady’s spirituality; that summary uniquely helps us experience the Eucharistic mystery. She first accepted Jesus into Her body to become that extraordinary tabernacle; it is valuable to ask Her to extend Her maternal care for me, together with Jesus whom I receive in Holy Communion.

Faith is interrelated belief in the Mass and union with others. If I do not try to live by faith each day, I will lack faith during Mass the author warns. In this book, there are many similar warnings along with other deeply stimulating thoughts. Father Tadeusz tells us that not even for a moment is it worth living without God. The Eucharist helps us as It is the sacrament of love; It is an extraordinary sacrament of extraordinary love. I need to stay with Jesus in the tabernacle as long as it takes almost to feel His heart-beat. Here we may learn how to worship and find a different view of the world and its people. Through the Eucharist, without moving from where we are, everything becomes different. Thanks to the Mass, I become a contemporary of Jesus; through union with Him, I take part in a totally different reality. That reality primarily concerns God’s glory and our salvation. Eucharistic experience allows Jesus to adore the Father in me. This prayer lets Him pray for the living and the dead, leading me to salvation. Thus He sanctifies the world and its people, teaching us to love; that means “looking outward together in the same direction”, to create and accomplish joint goals.

The author laments living as if God does not exist, feeling no hunger for God. By this we will surely die unless we ourselves or someone else ask help for us. Our good fortune is that the entire Heavenly Host together with Our Lady, prays for our sanctification through surrendering to Christ Jesus.

We are grateful to Professor Dajczer for this new testimony of faith; he inspires us earnestly to follow the Eucharistic pathway; he helps us discover the beauty and richness of interior life; he leads us to find greater openness to this freedom; he underlines how Jesus sanctifies and loves within us and for us so that we can share in His worship of the Father. I have no doubt that this book will be received in gratitude by all who search for faith’s healthy sustenance and enrichment.

Joseph Michalik

Metropolitan of Praemislia
and Chairman of the Polish Conference of Bishops




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